Divina Skin Care - Company Message
At Divina Skin Care we pride ourselves on clean and sanitary waxing services. There is ABSOLUTELY no double dipping. Each of our clients receive a special disposable wax cup that is thrown out after each use so you have your own personal wax used only on yourself.  Wax is not antibacterial. In order for wax to be antibacterial the temperature would have to be up high enough to kill any bacteria or disease. If that were the case it would burn the skin.
If you are using any topical cream products like antibiotics, Retin A, Differen, or Tazorac please let us know. Topical medications can cause increased sensitivity and should be stopped 1 week prior to your wax appointment.
Brazilian Bikini (Initial Service)
Brazilian Bikini 4-6 weeks
French Cut Bikini
Basic Bikini
Full Leg
Full Leg w/ Bikini
Half Leg
Full Arm
Half Arm
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